The Gambling Capital of the Orient: Macau

Macau CasinosMacau has a very rich history and boasts of breathtaking structures, to crave for dishes, and amazing ruins. Visitors though do not go to Macau for all these stuff but to try their luck in the casinos. Macau is considered as a fusion of China and Las Vegas and is considered the gambling haven of the Orient.

Macau is very similar to Hong Kong which is just 35 miles away. Both places have adapted capitalism and western ways of living. The islands are fortresses near the vast China.

Tourists adore the place for its cleanliness. While an online casino is useful for its immediacy, a trip to Macau will show you why the casinos are the known all over for their world class designs and caliber of play. The rest of the city also serves as proof that order is a very important trait for Macau.

There are ancient churches and villas in Macau which serve as testament that it was once conquered by Europeans. It was only in 1999 that Portuguese returned Macau to its rightful owners.

The life of Macau is in its central district. You can find about 26 casinos spread across this area. The place is like Las Vegas when you look at the Venetian Hotel, Sands, and the Lisboa. The air in Macau smells of money, gambling, and opportunity.

Aside from the casinos, there are several Macau tours that you can engage with. You can visit the St. Paul Church, Church of St. Domingo, Guia Fort, Monte Fort, and the Loyal Senate. You will be able to appreciate these old Portuguese structures blended with the modern buildings and facades.

There is also the Museum of Art and the wine museum which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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